TLC Child Care Center 

TLC Child Care Center

Where Young Minds Learn and Grow

Our Mission

TLC Child Care Center is a community outreach program sponsored by Trinity Lutheran Church.  We offer a unique, non-profit Child Care Center for children of the Community, age 0-12.  It is a developmentally appropriate program where we believe children learn best through play. Children are given the opportunity engage in structured activities that follow children?s interests and are given ample time to participate in free exploration of our learning centers.  Our teachers support learning by encouraging children to think for themselves, work on peaceful problem solving, and express their ideas in a safe, nurturing environment.  Our teaching staff establishes classrooms that are organized to meet the individual needs of each child.  It is our passion to offer a stimulating learning environment built on kindness, compassion, and understanding.  We recognize and foster active partnerships between school, home, and our surrounding community.  

TLC Child Care Center's Hours of Operation for the 2017-2018 school year: 6:30am-6:00pm

Director: Rosi McCalley         Assistant Director: Colleen Wulterkens

Infants through Kindergarten

Child Care Weekly Rates

 GROUP                                    FULL-TIME      PART-TIME    Daily Rate

Infants                                        $200.00             $150.00            $50.00

Young Toddlers                            $195.00             $150.00           $50.00

Toddlers                                      $190.00             $145.00           $50.00

Pre-School                                   $175.00             $140.00            $45.00

Pre-Kindergarten                         $175.00             $140.00            $45.00

Full Day Kindergarten                  $170.00(inc. extended hrs)         $160 (9-3 only)

School Age Summer Camp             $180.00             $140.00            $45.00          


*Full time-

            Youngest child                 Full Rate

            Second child                    10% off second child for full time                   

            Subsequent children         20% Discount

*Part time-

            Youngest Child                 Full Rate

            Second Child                    $5 Discount

            Subsequent children         $10 Discount

*Sibling discounts are not given to families paying the daily rate.

Full-time rates are for 50 hours of childcare per week. You may contract for additional hours (@ $4 per hour) with the approval of the Director.

Part-time rates are for up to 25 hours a week.

Early Arrivals/Late Pickups:  There is an additional fee of $4 per every 15 minutes (or $10 per hour) for any time used before or after contracted hours.

Non-scheduled days may be added to your schedule only if requested and then approved by the Director no later than Wednesday of the previous week.

General Policies:

Fee payments are due Monday morning of each week of service. Please be sure to indicate payment week, trip payment, etc. on your check. Please include a $10.00 late fee when paying after Wednesday.